February 17, 2021


Slot Guide: Slot machines from A to Z

Слоты — самый популярный вид онлайн-игры. Удивительно, но правила этой игры не менялись с 1899 года, когда был собран первый игровой автомат. Правила просты: игрок делает ставку и вращает набор барабанов с символами. На данный момент механическая случайность остановки барабанов заменена генератором случайных чисел. По сути, это компьютер, который работает по принципу рандома. Тем не менее рандомизация в слотах имеет несколько очень интересных нюансов, и каждому продвинутому игроку важно о них знать.

How slot machines work

In general, the slots have not changed in any way: they still use reels with a set of some symbols to display the results. Despite the fact that the result of the spin is generated by a computer, the reels of the slot, which number from 3 to 5, stop in a completely random position. Indeed, why change something that already works well?

Let's try to figure out how the random number generator works. All slots from renowned gaming providers are based on a random number generator (RNG). Consequently, the outcome of the game depends only on him, which means that there is practically no logic in the slots. We can conclude that the probability of winning is not substantiated by anything, except that it is banal luck. Moreover, the outcome of the game does not in any way depend on previous wins or losses. This is pure gambling. You should only believe in luck.

Of course, RNG generates thousands of random numbers every second and, on the one hand, you can influence the outcome of the next round by pressing the button a second later. However, it should be understood that in this case the chances are just scanty. Thus, the fairness of chance is preserved.

What myths exist about them

Along with the high popularity of slots, there are rumors and tales. They are usually distributed by those who have either never played slots or faced setbacks while playing. Now that we have talked about the principle of the slots, it's time to dispel the most common myths about them.

Slots have a cycle of winning combinations. Therefore, you can watch them and get involved in the game at a winning moment.

In general, the slots have not changed in any way: they still use reels with a set of some symbols to display the results. Despite the fact that the result of the spin is generated by a computer, the reels of the slot, which number from 3 to 5, stop in a completely random position. Indeed, why change something that already works well?

If there is not enough money in the slot machine, the player will not be able to get a big win

This is the most stupid statement. First, it can only be attributed to traditional slot machines, which can be easily touching. This statement was justified when players took their winnings in the gaming machine itself, not online. But it can be assumed that even then it was just a myth. Even if you succeed in winning a large amount in a slot, what we doubt you, you should get it, what we also doubt it.

Manual action on the lever in automatic machines gives more chances than pressing the button

Those who have played real slot machines at least once know for sure that these manipulations do not make any sense. The reason is all the same - the result of playing on slot machines depends only on the random number generator. No amount of math, let alone any strategy, will help.

Can you win on slots?

Definitely yes. But you must be aware of all the possible risks and be prepared for the fact that you will be left without money. Going into debt, of course, is not worth it, but they do not frighten someone either. We recommend starting the game by planning your budget. Determine the amount of money that you are willing to spend, and in no case invest more. Pay attention to the variance of the slot machine. The higher the variance, the more chances of winning. There are several tricks that can help you increase the variance of a slot.

First, take the opportunity to double your winnings. Second, change the number of paylines to one and increase your bet. But in any case, you shouldn't hope for a big win.

How online casinos make money

Online casino thrive only at the expense of players who are losing. The slot machines are designed in such a way that the randomness of the game is fair, but there is no long-term perspective in it. There are frequent cases of casino refusals in payments. The reasons can be any: violation of the conditions, self-exclusion from affiliated casinos, problems with identity verification. Therefore, before starting a game in a particular casino, we recommend that you read the reviews of the players.

Slots Tips & Tricks

Before giving you any advice, remember that the chances of winning in slots are negligible. If you are lucky, you will win, if not, you will be left with nothing. However, there are ways to minimize the risks.

01.Do not place bets that reduce the payout percentage

Most slots have the same payout percentage (RTP) for all types of bets. However, there are those that significantly reduce the performance of certain rates. These are usually the forerunners of traditional slot machines. In this case, you should always choose a different type of bet.

Example: A bet on all 3 paylines costs 2 cents and a bet on 1 payline costs 1 cent. It is quite obvious that in the first case, the rate is not so profitable, and its RTP will be extremely low. Therefore, it is better to choose a 2 cent rate.

03.Reduce the number of paylines

If you set just one payline instead of ten, you can increase the slot variance by 5-10 times. Did you know about this? When you bet $ 2 on one line, you can get a much bigger win than if you bet on all 10 lines. There is one caveat: this technique is not suitable for high rollers (those who play for high stakes), since the maximum bet is usually limited.

02.Use the doubling function to increase variance

We have already discussed this function above. It gives the player the opportunity to double their winnings up to 50%. In some slots (for example, from Novomatic), you can double your winnings several times. Since the function increases the variance of the game, you have the opportunity to receive several small wins or fewer larger wins.

Example: You can win 40 times for $ 1 per game. However, if you use this feature three times, you can win 5 times at $ 8 per game. The expected payoff in both cases is the same, but in some cases the payoff can be much higher.

04.Don't waste time on strategies

There are dozens of strategies that promise you that you will succeed and be able to predict the outcome of the game. Sounds great, but unfortunately it is not. The point is that slots do not work according to some patterns. As we mentioned earlier, everything is decided by a random number generator, which is not controlled by anyone and is deliberately programmed for an advantage in favor of the online casino. Consequently, no strategy will help increase the chances of winning, or cheat the casino - even more so. All hope for good luck!